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Gavekal has three main business lines: macro and markets research, portfolio management and portfolio construction.

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Research services

Gavekal offers four research services that cover global economies and markets, serving 900 institutional clients in 50 countries. Our mission is to help clients make strategic investment decisions by offering smart judgments on how markets interact with economic and political trends.

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Fund management

Gavekal Capital is the advisor to a select range of funds with more than US$1 billion under management.

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Private wealth

Gavekal Wealth and Evergreen Gavekal are dedicated to helping maintain and grow private clients wealth for all clients.

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Portfolio software tools

Building on the insights from decades of research into financial markets, Gavekal Intelligence Software provides asset allocators with a range of tools to improve portfolio construction.

Sample our research

The China Quandaries
Louis-Vincent Gave
7 May 2024
China has become another country to many global investors, who now consider the market uninvestible and so rarely choose to visit. They are missing out on seeing transformational changes whose import you only really grasp when in the country, argues Louis. In this piece, he explains that the most likely outcome is the move into a deflationary boom.
The Revenge Of The Ottoman Empire
11 Dec 2023
When Constantinople fell to the Ottomans in 1453, Western European powers were locked out of trading routes in the Eastern Mediterranean. Trade was hamstrung unless another route could be found to link Europe with India and China. Cue the age of the great explorers. In this piece, Louis explains why a latter day parallel of this episode in history may be unfolding before us.
Has China Experienced A Juglar Cycle?
22 Aug 2023
Today, Charles's idea is not to say something new about China’s economy but to argue that its current dislocation is inevitable for well-documented reasons. French economist Clément Juglar explored cycles as recurring phenomena based on periods of eight to 12 years, and his ideas may be relevant to China's current predicament.