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Gavekal has three main business lines: macro and markets research, portfolio management and portfolio construction.

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Research services

Gavekal offers four research services that cover global economies and markets, serving 900 institutional clients in 50 countries. Our mission is to help clients make strategic investment decisions by offering smart judgments on how markets interact with economic and political trends.

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Money management

Gavekal Capital is the advisor to a select range of funds with more than US$1 billion under management.

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Portfolio construction

Building on the insights from decades of research into financial markets, Gavekal Intelligence Software provides asset allocators with a range of tools to improve portfolio construction.

Sample our research

The Big Bad US Bond Bear Market
19 May 2022
Since the peak of the bond bull market on March 9, 2020, a constant duration 30-year US treasury has delivered a total return of -50%. Charles asks whether developed world bond markets are now worth buying. The answer is a resounding no.
When To Buy Bonds Again
Will Denyer, Tan Kai Xian
27 Apr 2022
So far this year, the best positioning for investors has been to avoid US bonds entirely or, failing that, to keep duration as short as practicable. But after a steep bond sell-off, Will & KX examine whether they now offer an attractive buying opportunity.
Lockdown Scenarios For China
Andrew Batson, Ernan Cui
26 Apr 2022
Global equities and energy prices tanked on Monday morning as fears spread about the economic impact of China’s strict Covid policies, especially the possibility of a new lockdown in Beijing. In this piece, Andrew and Ernan explore three broad scenarios for the country's reopening.