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Gavekal has three main business lines: macro and markets research, portfolio management and portfolio construction.

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Research services

Gavekal offers four research services that cover global economies and markets, serving 900 institutional clients in 50 countries. Our mission is to help clients make strategic investment decisions by offering smart judgments on how markets interact with economic and political trends.

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Fund management

Gavekal Capital is the advisor to a select range of funds with more than US$1 billion under management.

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Private wealth

Gavekal Wealth and Evergreen Gavekal are dedicated to helping maintain and grow private clients wealth for all clients.

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Portfolio software tools

Building on the insights from decades of research into financial markets, Gavekal Intelligence Software provides asset allocators with a range of tools to improve portfolio construction.

Sample our research

Truth In Financial Conditions
15 Mar 2023
Milton Friedman once compared hapless central bankers who fail to appreciate the lag between monetary policy and inflation to a “fool in the shower.” At first the water is too cold, so the shivering fool turns up the hot tap until he is enveloped in a scalding jet of steam. He frantically cranks up the cold, only to end up doused in a numbing stream of ice water.
The Devil In The Detail Of Eurozone Inflation
Cedric Gemehl, Nick Andrews
27 Jan 2023
Europe has dodged an economic bullet. Worst-case fears of a crippling energy shortage have vanished and investors have revised down the growth and inflation risks they were pricing into European markets. But while this is unambiguously positive for European growth, the implications for eurozone inflation are less straightforward.
What If I’m Wrong? It Would Be NICE
12 Jan 2023
If Thursday's inflation report turns out to be in line with market expectations they will clearly reinforce the Goldilocks narrative that I ridiculed earlier this week. So what if I am wrong? What if the market is right to believe in Goldilocks?