Gavekal Wealth

Gavekal Wealth is dedicated to helping maintain and grow private clients' wealth.

Wealth is about more than money and has different meanings for everyone.

For some, wealth is about living life on their own terms. For others, wealth is about knowing that their family has financial security. For most, it is about not having to worry about the future.

Yet, when it comes to financial wealth, navigating the opportunities and challenges of significant wealth can be complicated.

It takes experience, time, relationships, and expertise to manage financial assets, make informed investment decisions, and plan for the future.

At Gavekal Wealth, we pride ourselves on offering private clients tailor-made wealth management solutions where the client always comes first.

About Gavekal Wealth

More than four decades ago, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s business partner, quipped "show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome". In just eleven words, Munger perfectly summarized the world of finance and the need for interest alignment between clients and their financial intermediaries.

Gavekal started its life over two decades ago as an independent research firm and money manager. Gavekal has always prided itself on remaining 100% independent and always putting clients’ interests first. To this day, 100% of Gavekal shares are owned by current partners and employees.

Gavekal Wealth is a Mauritius-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of Gavekal Capital Ltd., a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2002 by Charles Gave, Louis-Vincent Gave, and Anatole Kaletsky.

Gavekal Wealth provides a comprehensive, conflict-free wealth management solution to high net-worth individuals, trustees, businesses, and foundations, with investment and financial planning all under one roof. Our fiduciary duty requires us to operate with full transparency and only offer solutions that are in our clients’ best financial interest. No exceptions. With those responsibilities in mind, we advise on a wide range of subjects that affect your financial life.

Developing your financial game plan

Gavekal Wealth takes a comprehensive wealth management approach that looks at the entirety of your financial picture. We then collaborate with you to create a customized plan designed to guide your financial life, to be adjusted and revisited through all of life’s changes. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that you have a partner in all areas of your financial life.

Peace of mind

You have made smart decisions to reach your level of success. But along with that success comes complexity. Balancing the big picture while also directing the details is challenging. Let Gavekal Wealth help you shoulder that burden, allowing you more time and peace of mind to focus on the things you truly enjoy.

Tailor-made solutions

One size does not fit all. Investment management and wealth-building strategies should be highly personalized plans, not off-the-shelf solutions. We build meaningful relationships with our clients so we understand their objectives, the nuances of their situation, and their risk tolerance. Gavekal Wealth offers wealth management solutions built exclusively for you.

Confident investing

Offering a broad suite of services and capabilities requires a team of experienced and credentialed professionals. The expertise of Gavekal Wealth represents the backbone of our offering. Gavekal Wealth’s recommendations span asset classes, product structures, and global markets.

A holistic approach

Gavekal Wealth’s management team partners with you to work through the complexity of your financial life. We help you analyze your situation from all angles and build a comprehensive custom solution to make your investments that much more suited to you.

Dynamic planning

As clients move through the various stages of life, priorities change, as does financial focus. This is why a financial plan isn’t a one-and-done item. A financial plan needs to evolve as life unfolds. Gavekal Wealth collaborates and interacts with clients on a regular basis to evaluate options and make adjustments to financial plans as needed.

The Gavekal Wealth process

Gavekal Wealth’s four-step process strives to optimize all aspects of your financial picture:

1) Evaluate fit & goals
Client-advisor fit is critical to a lasting and productive relationship. Mutual trust and respect drive everything that we do, and clearly defining compatibility up front is at the heart of it. Speak with one of our Wealth Consultants so we can get to know each other. In this meeting, we will ask about your goals, needs, and your previous approach to investing. And, of course, you are welcome to ask any questions of us as well.

2) Create your financial plan
We take a deep dive into your current financial picture. It is important to assess where you are now, and how your investment portfolio can be optimized for the various needs and time horizons relevant to you. Armed with this information, we will build a custom portfolio that takes into account your personal objectives.

3) Build your portfolio
With the planning roadmap in hand, we will set about implementing the various components. Our dedicated team will build out an asset mix that is optimized for you, using a variety of investment strategies.

4) Periodic reviews
A plan isn’t cast in concrete. As your life unfolds, as markets change, as opportunities arise, or as risks mount, your plan will need to be updated. You will meet with your Gavekal Wealth relationship manager on a regular basis to assess and realign together.