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Software Services

At Gavekal, we believe in being as 'open source' as possible with our clients. This means that we do not only want to share our investment conclusions with clients, but also our process and our data. For these reasons, we have, over the years, invested in a number of software companies that make our jobs of sharing with clients easier. These companies are:

Gavekal Intelligence Software is an R&D company specialized in artificial intelligence and financial modelling. The company distributes:

TrackMacro: an iPad app (available via the Apple Store) or a PC application (available via the company website) providing automated equity risk signals on 40 countries, based on macroeconomic rules.

TrackRisk: a risk management software for global portfolio managers. TrackRisk can be linked to Bloomberg, Macrobond and proprietary databases. It helps identify investment risks (Var, cVar, dependencies, portfolio behavior in stressed periods), likely outcomes (alpha generation, sensitivity to macro-economic scenarii), and improve asset selection and allocation (portfolio optimizer under constraints, ‘what if’ scenarii).

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WeConvene is a global corporate access community which maximises the value of corporate access events for both the sell-side and the buy-side. WeConvene irons out the inefficiencies surrounding arrangements of corporate access and changes the way these most valuable interactions are set up, managed, executed and tracked.