Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction


At Gavekal, we believe in being as "open-source" as possible with our clients. This means that we do not only want to share our investment conclusions with clients, but also our process and our data. For these reasons, we have over the years invested in a number of software companies that make our jobs of sharing with clients easier.

The culmination of this is our Gavekal Intelligence Software team in based in Paris, and their suite of portfolio construction software and services.

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Gavekal Intelligence Software

Gavekal Intelligence Software is a company incorporated in France, whose largest single shareholder is the Gavekal group. Gavekal IS was formed following the purchase by Gavekal of shares in Insight Research, a French financial software company founded in 1999. Insight Research originally sought to incorporate academic research into market finance, along with expert systems and artificial intelligence technology. This led to the launch of the TrackRisk software system. Since the merger of Gavekal with IS in 2016, the company has remained dedicated to the above task, albeit with a renewed goal of developing new-generation portfolio construction tools for investment managers and publishing original, out of the box research papers.

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