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Money Management

Gavekal teams manage assets across a broad range of strategies. Specifically:

Gavekal advises on four strategies which together combine for some US2.1b in AUM*. These strategies are:

  • The Gavekal Asian Opportunities UCITS Fund
  • The Gavekal Global Equities UCITS Fund
  • The Gavekal China Fixed Income UCITS Fund
  • The Gavekal China Onshore RMB Bond Fund

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Gavekal directly manages around US$572m* in managed accounts for large institutional investors and family offices wishing to reproduce some of the above UCITS strategies, but perhaps add constraints of their own (SRI, liquidity, security rating etc...).

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Evergreen Gavekal, the private client arm of Gavekal, currently manages around US$3.85bn for US private clients, out of their west coast offices in the Greater Seattle Area, Portland Metro, and California's Bay Area. Their services include actively managed portfolios, financial planning, and tax advice.